Don’t bring your DSLR cameras in Kuwait

Don't bring your DSLR cameras in Kuwait
It looks like the Arabian nations’ was pretty cautious when it comes to their security and privacy that caught Blackberry a threat. However this time, Nikon and Canon should be threaten or maybe the owner supposedly if you’re a tourist in Kuwait. The country is believed to banned the used of DSLR camera in public, except if you’re a member of press.
In a report by Kuwait Times, the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance subjects the DSLR ban, apparently there’s no clear reason why they opt to ban high-end cameras knowing that compact and camera-phones are still allowed. Now tell us, if Nokia N8 is available in Kuwait?
So if you’re planning a trip or just have a business trip on this country maybe you should be aware that you shouldn’t bring your DSLR for possible confiscation.

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