Chevrolet Camaro Computer, red hot muscle PC –literally

Chevrolet Camaro Computer, red hot muscle PC
We probably seen lots of custom-made chassis for computers, but most likely this one was ahead few laps to them, yes, it isn’t be mini race motorcycles turned into a computer case, we have last time, but this hot Chevy Camaro computer. You’ll never knew it could be Transformer’s Bumblebee or you can enjoy the ride with Megan Fox here, but yet the coolest PC we’ve ever seen, so far.

More that first-look catching Chevy Camaro, you’ll get a hint enough that the replica isn’t made for display or for kids, “with two USB ports on the grille of the car, a slot-load DVD drive at the front bumper, and two more USB ports on the back, together with a VGA port, a Gigabit LAN port, and an HDMI port as well as audio out and a mic.” According to Chevy Mall, “the computer has ultrabright LEDs illuminating the headlights when the power is on; the taillights flash when the hard disk is active.” Cnet also added on their report, “It’s unclear if there are options to turn these lights down or off. The power button is a uniquely designed hood ornament, and the entire machine is painted in lead-free paint.”
Chevrolet Camaro Computer, red hot muscle PC
The Camaro PC though looks like a muscle car, but roughly gets you a decent run on your computing needs with Intel Atom N330 dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wireless-N. Upgradeable the RAM up to 8GB and the hard drive to 500GB, while running Windows 7 and available in variety of color including that popular Bumble’s bright-yellow color, all in with starting price of $1,240.
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