Verizon Galaxy Tab will not have Skype app at launch

It seems that those in the US will be very unlucky with their Samsung Galaxy Tab purchase compared to those in the UK. First, there’s no voice call support for the former and now, there won’t be a Skype app for the Verizon release of the tablet as well, at least at launch.

For those having a hard time reading what’s seems to be snagged from an internal training guide of the carrier, here it is:
  • This is a data only device. There are no traditional voice options available.
  • Some Android Marketplace Applications may not be developed for the tablet screen size and may give a small screen view of the application.
  • SKYPE mobile, NFL Mobile and V CAST Video applications will not be available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab at launch.
As said, these conditions are at launch, possibly hinting that they are still works in progress. No official words from either Verizon or Samsung are present regarding this.

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