Steve Jobs finally crushes the 7-inch iPad rumors

He finally said it, terminating all rumors to the alleged 7-inch iPad supposedly coming in early 2011. This is in a reaction to the rise of competing tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with all revolving around the same size market. That’s probably the main reason why the rumored new iPad never made it past the prototype stage. More after the cut.

Quoting Jobs:

“This size isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps, in our opinion. While one could increase the resolution of the display to make up for some of the difference, it is meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size.”
He said that Apple thinks that the 10-inch screen of the current iPad model is the minimum. That you cannot make a great tablet with a seven-inch screen because it cannot express the software. Dismissing the possibility of having different size iPads, he has this primary concern about the software. Developers must redo their products every time the screen size changes, something the developers won’t take in that easily.
With Apple having sold more or less 14 million iPhones and iPads, Jobs is pretty confident on their current offering.

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