Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone finally revealed

Yes, you’re seeing the real deal. It’s not some fan-made mock up of of what would be a fusion between your PSP and a smartphone. Presenting Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone, it’s as real as it gets. The handset will most likely run on Android 3.0 with its own Sony Marketplace where you can download games and other content for the phone as well as the console functionalities. Excited? You bet we are! More info and even more eye-candy images after the break

Unlike other handsets, this will serve two markets, the trendy smartfone market and the hardcore mobile gaming market. To cater this, Sony Ericsson has placed a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor inside with 512 MB on board RAM plus 1 GB of ROM. Display is provided by a screen measuring from 3.7 to 4.1 inches. Also seen in the image above, and the succeeding ones, the unit will have a multitouch touchpad at the center with the expected directional pad and the four buttons to the right we all know and love. As for memory expansion, you’ll be surprised that there’s no memory stick slot but instead has a micro SD one.
No possible release dates at the moment but we can look at a likely 2011 one. Although it would be so much better if we can get our hands with one of these in the holidays.

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