prints everything the next day

You want flyers, business cards, tickets, bookmarks, posters and you want them fast? Look no further because there’s And their name isn’t only used as a catchy tagline, they’re committed to releasing prints once approved on the next business day. Read the following site review after the cut.

The site is pretty straightforward with its green and white motif. New customers will have the option to create an account to keep track of their orders and their shopping carts. Navigation is easy as their wide range of products are listed on the left pane, grouped into “Specialty Products”, “Thick Cardstock” and “Glossy Paper”. Hovering to each item will then give you options to choose which size you wanted a particular product would be. If things still looks confusing to you, don’t fret as the site has help sections where you are presented with FAQs, as well as video tutorials to make things much easier.
If that’s still not enough, they have this “Prepare Your Files” link where it will lead you specific pages depending on what you wanted to do, with each having ample descriptions, as well as downloadeable PDF instructions, of what you’ll need to proceed.
Having trouble creating designs, then try their Online Design Center where you can create those layouts on the fly. They even have a video tutorial on how that’s done. Very helpful, especially to the new users of the site.
Overall, although provides services like the others do in the same field, they make it a point that you won’t have any problems getting and using their services. Also remember that they can do it on the next business day, perfect for those rush jobs when you have presentations on the go.


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