Shoppingeeze: HTC HD7 is hitting T-Mobile November 8th for $200, however Amazon offers $30 less

T-Mobile tweets last week breaks the news of HTC HD7 availability on November 8th for $199.99 on contract. Notably enough, AmazonWireless will also selling HD7 for $169.99 on contract that’s $30 less for the same product. They consider that it’s normal for third-party retailer to offer much cheaper than the first-party, however if you want to hand HD7 with this affordable price you’ll need to wait for 1 to 3 weeks for shipping.
Now we would wait again for few months from now, sure you’ll see HD7 on AmazonWireless penny deal, yeah, that tag-line of “bestselling smartphones, starting at a penny”, there’s a banner in the right sidebar if you noticed, cool. 

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