Panasonic reveals "Jungle", a portable console dedicated to MMORPG players

Panasonic, through a subsidiary named Panasonic Cloud Entertainment, now joins in among the ranks of Sony and Nintendo with the introduction of “Jungle“, the first portable gaming console specifically designed for MMORPGs. That’s probably the reason why it’s named as such, there’s basically a jungle out there when you play those kinds of games. Instead of the usual directional pads and control buttons, the Jungle houses a full QWERTY keypad with touchpad, plus the usual dpad and shoulder buttons for optimal game control. With the Jungle, hardcore MMORPG players can now get out of their stereotype and play these games away from their rooms.

While Sony’s PlayStation Portable and Nintendo’s DS have the capacity to do online gaming, it would be hard to play these massive online RPGs especially when it comes to the interaction part when you have to chat will the other players and the like — this is where the Jungle comes in. In terms of design, it doesn’t have the elegance portrayed by the DS, or any device released in 2010 for that matter, as the clam-shell design has this rugged feel, perfect for the hours and hours of gaming madness that’s common to MMORPG players.

The Jungle will also sport a mini HDMI port, a micro USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Test gamers who had the chance to get their hands with it exclaim of its high resolution display. Although there is no confirmation of what powers this device, but the fact that it has a mini HDMI port makes this very possible. Along with the console, Panasonic will also launch a Battlestar Galactica game and a web show entitled Online Underground. For more information on the Jungle, visit their website here.

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