Nokia x6 features

Nokia x6 features
The Nokia X6 offers an array of impressive and easy to use features, such as the front facing camera that allows the users to partake in a 3G video call. This is made possible due to the unique recording system the camera uses.

The in built camera offers 5 megapixels and enables the user to capture video recording at up to 32 frames per second, this allows for a perfectly clear and crisp video capturing feature.
The in built video recorder comes complete with a four times digital zoom, this allows the user to operate both zoom in and zoom out features when recording. The phone also offers an automatic scene mode or alternatively a night scene mode. Video footage can be played back at any time, this footage could be content that has been stored on the Smartphone, content that has been downloaded from the internet or alternatively content that has been sent from others.
The Nokia X6 handset provides an incredible video experience and allows the user to view such footage whilst on the move. Videos can be played back in MPEG4 format at up to 30 frames per second.
The main camera lens is situated on the back of the handset and the 5 megapixel camera comes complete with the Carl Zeiss optic. To use the camera the user simply presses the handy camera key. The Nokia X6 also comes with a range of imaging features such as a still mode, a video mode, a four times digital zoom and a self timer.
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