Nintendo 3DS to hit U.S. and EU in April at $250, analyst say

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo has been relatively in secrecy of details which regard to U.S. and Europe upcoming 3DS launch. The company has already announced the 3DS will have end of February launch in Japan for $300 with plans of bringing the device by March on EU and US with unknown specific dates. Anyways, but this doesn’t stop Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter to bid his speculations.

Pachter claims that based on “how Nintendo does things,” he doesn’t believe it’s “remotely possible they’re launching [the 3DS in the] first half of March.” in an interview of gaming blog Joystiq. “I’m getting it gets delayed until April in Europe and U.S.,” he added.
Patcher also believes that the 3DS wouldn’t allow gamers to play without 3D glasses and will cost much cheaper in Europe and U.S. for around $250.
“I know people who haven’t played a handheld in forever–I’m talking guys who play Halo and Call of Duty 24/7 and nothing else–and they all want one,” Pachter told Joystiq. “I think Nintendo will charge $250 and people will pay it.”
He also claims that Nintendo will likely sell 3DS titles for $34.99.

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