New Acer Aspire Timeline X to rival MacBook ultraportables at $899

Here’s the Acer Aspire Timeline X AS1830T-68U118, that’s one mouthful name. But regardless of the long name, this may be Acer‘s attempt to go with the trend that the MacBook Air has started. Speaking of the Air, it has been long rumored that it will be undergoing a redesign, both on the aesthetics and on the inside. So, is this the opportunity that Acer is waiting for to cash in and bring out their own ultraportables? Follow the story after the break.

This sleek black mini houses a 11.6-inch LED screen and only weighs 3 lbs, that’s ultraportable if you ask us. What powers this is an ultralow-power Intel Core-i7-680UM processor @ 1.47 GHz rated speed… but wait, with Intel’s “Turbo Boost Technology”, you can clock it up to 2.53 GHz. As for most devices of this kind, power consumption is always something to note about, and that Intel processor has it taken care of. Integrating the graphics processor functionalities onto the same chipset, the i7-680UM has a thermal design power of just 18 watts compared to previous iterations of power-efficient Intel processors — less heat but but optimal performance.
Other features revealed include Bluetooth 3.0 connection, an HDMI port and a 500GB hard drive pre-instaleld with Windows 7 Home Premium for $899. So what does this say about the MacBook Air? Simple, there are now alternatives.

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