The LG GD880 Mini

The LG GD880 Mini
The LG GD880 Mini is an extremely new phone on the market and offers a sophisticated on-trend design. As well as the design, the all-new LG GD880 Mini houses an array of intelligent features.

The design offers a very slim 3.2-inch full touchscreen display; despite being one of the smallest handsets on the market today. This makes the LG GD880 Mini the ideal handset for those that desire all the latest applications and technology without having to invest in a bulky phone.
The all-new device boasts to have been developed in reply to specific requests from genuine customers, in turn a less colossal and more reasonably priced handset has been designed.
The slim and compact handset fits easily into a pocket or evening bag, yet doesn’t feel flimsy to touch.
The handset has been created with textured metal accents on each of the phones sides, which both add to the phone’s eye-catching looks and make it an extremely contemporary phone in style.
The large 3.2-inch touchscreen comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9; this touchscreen display extends right to the edge of the phone, giving it a perfectly smooth and sleek finish.
In addition to this, a button-free face keeps the look of the handset ultra modern.
The LG GD880 Mini offers extremely fast web browsing as well as fast push email, and also includes a variety of other innovative aspects, such as Social Network Connect. This particular application allows users to easily keep in touch with friends online.
Highly sought after social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are instantly downloadable as built-in applications, users can also choose to receive on the go updates from a Social Network Feed.
The device also provides users with an impressive 5.0 megapixel camera, which features advanced face detection. This particular device allows users to instantly update social networks with both pictures and videos in one simple step.
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