Gucci unveils their own 3D glasses, available for the holidays at $225

Yep, along with Oakley who’s releasing 3D glasses in the holidays for the Tron Legacy movie, luxury designer label Gucci is also following the bandwagon with their own. And you heard that right, it’s currently priced at $225, also scheduled for a holiday release. What’s in store that would make the price tag reasonable (aside from the brand of course)? Read more to fund out.

Gucci tells us that these pair of glasses have “optically-correct” 6-base curved lenses. Now what in the world does that mean? They’re saying that having will eliminate the “crosstalk” from the screen to your eyes — creating a much more clear experience of the movie than before. Aside from normal 3D, these are also optimized for use in Real D 3D cinemas. The other side of the glasses, on the other hand, have a “multi-layered mirror coating” which would make the glasses act as a mirror without any distortion. 
The question is, are you willing to spend that much for these pair of 3D glasses? Just make sure that you don’t leave them at the cinemas.

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