FaceBook finally brings justice to our galleries with High-Res Photo Sharing

Facebook is probably one of the largest social-networking platforms out there with the variety of users logged onto it, as well as the diverse applications developed for it. Users can post statuses, respond to comments and upload videos as well as photos. Now these is where things get quite sour… at least before the upgrade.
Photos uploaded in FaceBook allow the highest rate of sharing through it’s capability to tag users here and there. But once you upload those pics, they are terribly compressed onto qualities that doesn’t give justice to how they were shot… again, at least before the upgrade. Looks like there’s now some competition facing Flickr.

Over the next couple of weeks, FaceBook wlll be rolling-out a new feature to its users that would allow upload and download of high-resolution pictures up to 2048 pixels in width.

We’re increasing the size of the photos stored from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels on the largest edge, for an 8 times increase overall. I’m really excited to be launching this feature. To see the quality of these pictures, you can view National Geographic’s “Top-Rated Your Shot Photos (September)” album or Sports Illustrated’s “Football Across America” album. Download high-resolution photos by clicking the “Download” link.

Another interesting change is the addition of a Lightbox UI to their current photo viewer. Soon after, you can click an image from your wall, from a friend’s wall for something that’s just in your news feed and a black box containing the image with your usual FaceBook options will appear.

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