Alarming Honeybee’s death toll mystery solved

Alarming Honeybee's death toll mystery solved
Honeybees have been falling like raindrops for the past half decade and the increasing death toll is alarming. Accordingly, military scientists and entomologists (bug scientists) have teamed up to discover that it’s a combination of a fungus and a virus, and yes, not that cellphone signal that causing the bees brain cancers.

Scientist thinks that the combination of the fungus and virus damages on the bee’s belly is nutritional, but still they have no concrete findings on how it works deadly for the bees. “It’s been known that the fungus was part of the problem, but new software developed by the military uncovered a new DNA-based virus called N. ceranae.”
One perverse twist of colony collapse that has compounded the difficulty of solving it is that the bees do not just die – they fly off in every direction from the hive, then die alone and dispersed.
In our thoughts, this could be sort of protecting the hive rather than insect insanity. The bees tends to go far away from the colony to avoid spreading the plague. Just our take, what’s yours?

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