72-incher 72LEX9, LG’s largest commercial 3D LCD TV

72-incher 72LEX9, LG's largest commercial 3D LCD TV
Literally gigantic, no it can be IMAX theater-like TV on your home! This was LG’s largest commercial 3D LCD TV called 72LEX9 boasting a king-sized screen measuring 72-inch of pleasing Sunday or Monday night games. Ooh, well better wait until it hit U.S., in time, we wish the soonest.

Right now there’s still no prior details on its availability in the U.S. or how much. Accordingly, the 72LEX9 reported specs features a full LED Backlight, a 480Hz True-Motion panel, DLNA support and Web TV features.
One thing, we wish Santa will deliver this as a Holiday gift, just really don’t know if he can drop this one on the chimney?

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