Web marketing the way we see it before [Editorial]

Web marketing the way we see it before [Editorial]

The internet has come a very long way since its inception in the 80’s. From a network used to strictly convey classified information to a platform that can be used by various applications. Given the widespread percentage of the market connected to the net, many have also seen this as a very effective marketing tool; and as the technology progressed, so as the means that the internet has been used for this purpose.

A perfect metaphor for this marketing evolution can be seen in the evolution of website design. From the very early ones only having simple blocks of text, to images and logos being used to spice things up and finally; things come to full circle with typography as text is once again used to create highly visual content that can easily stimulate the target market. All of these goes down to how effective the message is conveyed since this same market is also known for having a very short attention span – being unable to captivate them means losing that opportunity as well.

For the purpose of web-based marketing, let’s try to highlight Typography as the web is now capable of bringing justice to this style with the advent of modern browsers having better text rendering capabilities and the like. For the unfamiliar, typography is the art of arranging and modifying different type designs. These involve the use of diverse typefaces, styles, sizing, spacing and others. The unique combination of what seems to be an inconsistent mash-up of letters actually presents an aesthetically pleasing art only seen in the recent times due to the aforementioned advances in technology. Aside from web typography, the typical design elements are also still in use like logos, etc.

Another important angle with regards to web marketing is the rise of social-networking sites. From mySpace, to Multiply, to Facebook, and now to Twitter; people have seen and realized their potential for effectively conveying information… fast. Thus, establishments here and there have started to have their own Multiply and Facebook pages with the purpose mentioned earlier. With that said, it is undeniable that more and more people will choose and use the web for their marketing strategies. Given that there are almost 2 billion internet users in the world, no wonder that many are jumping onto the web marketing bandwagon.

However, the internet doesn’t account for the remaining 4-5 billion people that aren’t active users. Thus, there are still that use the classical approach in marketing like brochures or postcards. Either way, the internet has been a great tool for these kinds of things and it will stay there for a long while.

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