Top 10 rugged cases for your iPhone 4

With smartphones being more valuable nowadays, due to how we use them and the various types of information we place in them, protecting them is something we cannot neglect. For today, let’s focus on the aspect of physical protection. You wouldn’t want to find out that someone has sat on your phone and made a whole deal of damage because of it. Thus, here’s a list of 10 rugged cases that you can put your smartphone into, specifically the iPhone 4. Criteria in selection include how good it looks on your phone, yet still offers ample physical protection. The full list after the jump.

1. Ballistic HC

From the guys at Ballistic, they say that their HC Case, with “HC” being Hard Core, offers four layers of protection for your Apple hardware than the two from the nearest competition. Features include the usual screen cover with a holster/belt-clip for more screen protection. Apparently, this has been popular enough that the company is having a hard time keeping it in stock.

Priced @ $49.99

2. Case-mate Tough Case

The Touch Case provides a right mix for being not too bulky although it also means that it’s not as tough as you may want for your iPhone. It’s available in different colors for your choosing.

Priced @ $34.99 / $21.95 at

3. Cygnett WorkMate

If the sheer looks of this case won’t give you a sense of protection, then we don’t know what will. The WorkMate is a rubberized case featuring “double strength” of protection. Screen protector isn’t integreated though.

Priced @ $24.95

4. iSkin Revo 4

The Revo 4 from iSkin speaks about color and they have lots of it. The protector comes with a removable hard plastic cover that can be attached to the back of the case when the phone is in use.

Priced @ $24.95 / $18.23 at

5. Ivy Skin Quattro 4

From the looks of the image at the right, the people at Ivy Skin have made themselves a favorite with the Quattro 4, now available for the iPhone 4. This sleek and highly protective cover comes with multiple colors and includes a “Touch-Thru” real glass cover for your screen.

Priced @ $44.99

6. Otterbox Defender

If it’s tough iPhone cases that you want, then Otterbox offers one of the best in the market. The Defender Series for iPhone 4 now has a sleeker design with its screen protector integrated to the case, as well as a belt holster you can choose or not to use.
Alternates for the Defender series of Otterbox include the Commuter and Impact Series.

Priced @ $49.95

7. Seidio iPhone 4 Rugged Combo

The iPhone 4 Rugged Combo comes with 3 layers of protection, a screen protector and a holster. Being referred to as a “convertible” case by the guys at Seidio, you can strip the case down to the first layer which is essentially a Innocase Surface Case. Also, ports of the iPhone, as well as the camera, are also covered with flaps that can be removed when needed.

Priced @ $49.95 / $39.00 at

8. Sena Hampton Flip

Sena’s leather products are known for their style and as for their rugged/tough ones, there’s the Hampton Flip. It enables full protection of the iPhone’s screen with its flip-down cover. Although it doesn’t offer that great drop-protection you might need, it’s alright for those short falls without any problems.

Priced @ $59.99

9. Trident Cyclops

Here’s the Cyclops from Trident, a slim and quite durable protector for your iPhone. Although it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the next item would, it still gets the job done. Comes in multiple colors as well.

Priced @ $29.95 / $19.95 at

10. Trident Kraken

Well, it’s named “Kraken” so we would expect that the name would live up to the kind of protection that this case offers. From the same makers as the previous item in this list, it’s on par with the Otterbox Defender. Although you don’t get a holster, you still have a belt clip. The screen protector is also integrated to the case as well. Comes in multiple colors.

Priced @ $29.95

Image Credits: Ballistic, Case-mate, Cygnett, iSkin, Ivy Skin, Otterbox, Seidio, Sena, Trident

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