"Super Mario Bros." celebrates 25th Anniversary [Video]

Super Mario Bros. Goes Silver [Video]
On this very day (actually 1 day back), 25 years ago, a Japanese gaming company named Nintendo released a game entitled “Super Mario Brothers“. This is about two Italian brothers… …yeah, we can go through and finish this introduction but if you’ve seriously never heard of this title before, not even once, then in what kind of rock were you under during the last quarter century? More after the break.

Before losing to “Wii Sports” in 2009, Super Mario Bros. was considered the greatest selling game of all time. Having more than 40 million copies sold worldwide, the title has produced one of the most iconic characters in our modern pop culture. To celebrate its 25th year anniversary, Nintendo released a video clip demonstrating the evolution of the major Mario games released from “Super Mario Bros.” for the NES in 1985 until “Super Mario Bros. Galaxy 2” for the Wii in 2010.

In addition, we’ve presented here a timeline showcasing how Mario came from a simple blob of multicolored pixels to the Italian Plummer we all knew and love.

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