Logitech unveiled Z305 and Wireless Z515 USB Laptop Speakers

Normally if you’re an audiophile or maybe a normal music lover, the normal built-in laptop speakers are just ain’t enough to feed the right taste for your ear buds. This way, the functionality of a third party speakers is much appreciated –apparently Logitech’s speakers might do the trick with Z305 a 360-degree sound bar and Z515 a 50-inch wireless speaker.

The mini tubular speaker Z305 was equipped by a wired USB that’s perfectly designed to hide the wires whenever it was not in use and it clings to the of your laptop monitor, all in for $100. However, if you really hate wires you can opt for Z515 wireless speakers priced for $60, which will include a USB dongle and accommodate to 15 meters away from your laptop. The Z515 speakers is also capable of utilizing your iPhone or iPod, this come really handy if you want to play music anywhere.
The Z305 and Z515 will be both available later this month, common’ if you ain’t got ASUS NX90Jq laptop, well this add-ons will rock you for sure.

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