BOQARI Q1 Luxury Couture Earphones Review

Making a quick google for in-ear headphones can return some of the most known brands such Bose, Klipsch, Shure and Monster Cable. But today, I’m going’ to introduce you something out-of-the-box, a set of headphones aimed for high fashioned audiophile out there looking for eye-catching yet durable, stylish with stunning audio fidelity —the BOQARI Q1.

BOQARI is a new luxury brand that is out to create a revolution in men’s underwear and part of its hot new 2010 Seamless Collection from designer JJ BOQARI is ‘the world’s first couture earphones’ called BOQARI Q1.
Normally we choose something based from what other says about it, and in the sense of headphones, you can have a dozen of choices that have long lived and have gone to thorough review of different ears. But at the end, it really boils down to the price tag your comfortable with, sound characteristic you desire or what type of music you listen to and mainly comes down to personal preference.
I can’t argue that BOQARI have just started, but Q1 is the underlying statement of the company’s first impression and it doesn’t seem to disappoint after sticking it for almost a week in my ear. ‘Exquisite perfection’ is part of the company’s hype for their products, and it’s your right to discover it, yes, check out our unbiased review.

The glossy black sealed box that comes in our hand was elegantly labeled by BOQARI’s logo. Upon opening it a coin purse sized travel case which seemed to be delicately weave was accentuated by a custom engraved metal crown logo molded at center was comfortably seated with a threefold manual on its bottom. Carefully inspecting the travel case you’ll see that it was totally clean threaded with soft edges but hard enough to protect your earphones. If you’re a bit into details, you’re sure to notice that even the zipper was customized crown logo to elaborate how they’ve wanted to get their brand remembered, seriously it was a sweet finish –am I only talking about the case.

Let’s take one step further, opening the case will reveal the earphones molded tightly on a matted finish black platform. Since we have the BOQARI Titanium Q1 at hand, the earphones together with the gold plated jack and connection splitter glows contrast that sums why it’s labeled ‘titanium’.
While on the other face of the case inside has a net pocket where the plastic of 6-pairs rubber ear bud (total of 7 pairs including one already on the earphones) was placed. Taking out the earphones shows rest of the secured transparent coated wires under the earphone mold.

First Impression
Shouldn’t I include this already on the unboxing? Well, I really got overwhelmed with the design, material quality and solid built so I decided to make this called ‘first impression’ which mainly adds a reason on why I get motivated listening to more music and sticking this earphones on my ear leaving the reason that I’m actually running it for review. During the break-in period I already fall in love with these earphones. You’ll love every single detail the designer puts on this in-ear headphones.
Honestly, my first impression, really positive so far.
• Stunning, hand cut designer metal housing featuring a mosaic of square facets and platinum grooves
• Finely tuned all metal sound chamber for flawless resonance and expertly balanced wide spectrum micro drivers for world class acoustic fidelity
• Rich soundstage featuring BOQARI’s dynamic signature sound curve
• Includes 7 pairs of soft ear bud tips (from XS to XL) for a perfect noise isolating fit and a sleek BOQARI travel case
• Premium braided cable and 24 carat gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium, lossless sound connection with your audio device, and Lifetime Warranty
Housing: Hand cut aluminium
Cable: Clear tpe over braided cable
Magnet: Rare Earth Magnet
Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Normal Input: 2mW
Max. Power: 5mW
Speaker Sensitivity: 86±3dB (at 1KHz 1mW)
Channel Balance: Within 3dB (at 1KHz 1mW)
Distance Y to Jack: 72cm
Distance Y to Earbud: 30cm
Frequency Response Chart for Q1 Drivers:

Let’s start bottom up which will directly point out to 24 carat gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack, this was ultimately an A+ concerning about the premium and lossless sound connection whenever you connect the earphones to any other compatible devices. There has been no connection problem fitting these headphones to my laptop, iPod and even my SE Walkman phone during this review. However, I have to use a 3.5 mm adapter with my phone, but still the sound quality is far from its normal preset earphones and incredibly louder too. The wire and jack binding are properly secured by a flexible white plastic mat and same satin metal covers it, making it much durable for daily plug and unplugged routine. I believe that this kind of audio jack equates to good connection which produced high quality balance sounds, which ever device it may be, old or new.

The braided wires are covered with durable transparent plastic; it’s approximately about 2.5mm thick that stretches to about 2 feet from the jack to splitter, then 1 foot of two 1.5mm wires from the splitter to the headphones. Looking closely to the edges, where it would likely to break –it’s firmly tack and supported by the flexible plastic mat. It could be like the Shure SE535 transparent wires. The wires are also firm and flexible, that you could easily roll it in your hand and keep it, yes, you don’t have to worry —the 2.5mm thickness and pliable wires were properly designed to make it tangle-free.
Now we’re on the gorgeously designed metal earphones, which seemed to hold the idea of being the world’s first couture earphones. Inspecting closely will reveal a full clean finish metal case, and sure, you’ll wonder how the circuitry was installed inside each earphone. I can say that it’s a high quality headphone, when I removed the ear buds, barely, reveals polish soft edges. One thing I noticed is the weight added by the metal finish, which tends the earphones loosely fall off your ear, which makes it uncomfortable at first. But hey, it happens when I replace the ear buds with that firmly fits in my ear, this was solved along with the ear muscle pain.
The sound quality when I first stick BOQARI Q1 in my ear was good, better than the other earphones I’ve used before, but after the break-in (I let it plays for two days 10 hours each none stop). The real sounds bass, audio isolation and acoustic was revealed, there’s a big difference if you’ll listen carefully, specifically on the bass when it was on unused (factory). I also tried different genre of music on this thing to check the different aspect of audio isolation, like jazz, pop, soul, r&b and rock. Overall, the bass was great –deep, solid (you can feel the shake/vibration on your head and literally on your ears), vocals including the highs, full-range mids means clarity, noise-cancellation to about 90% may defends on your volume or fit of the earphones on your ears and audio isolation was superb, yes, you can almost identify each instrument playing at the background. I can’t argue that the metal sound chamber and BOQARI’s dynamic signature curve along with micro drivers have something to do with its stunning audio fidelity.
Personally, Titanium we’re not my type, I preferred Noir (black) version of the BOQARI Q1, hey, it is also available in Frambroise (chrome pink) and Dulce de Oro (gold). Mainly, we’re down on your personal preference and fashion sense. The Q1 also seems to double up as a bling bling or earrings just imagine how trendy it is. At $99.95, it’s totally a great value for your money.

Wrap up

The good: The BOQARI Q1 earphones offer exceptional sound quality for the money. They’re also very comfortable, stylish and fashionable; the package includes a few handy extras such as a travel case and wide selection of ear buds for your own fit. Plus, the luxurious satin finish metal built of the earphones/connections added ruggedness in-style. Apparently, the x-factor for me still lies on the transparently coated braided wire which is properly measured to about 2.5mm thick making it durable enough and tangle-free.

The bad: The BOQARI Q1 metal built earphones added extra weights, so at first you’ll notice that it actually tends to fall off and bring stress on your ear muscles. Note that this happens when you actually used the preset ear buds on it, try selecting other rubber ear buds that you’re comfortable and fits you well.
The bottom line: BOQARI Q1 offer up sound quality on par with and better than sets that cost many times as much, and they include compelling ruggedness with sophisticated design that’s fashionably trendy.
Here’s what other reviews tells about BOQARI Q1, hidden deep on the site:
“I have had the Boqaris for a week now, and I have used them almost non-stop. I am a serious audiophile and I have been really pleased with the performance so far. The Boqaris have a superior sound quality and significant noise reduction.
– Allan R. Chalmbert”

“I put in these babies and like magic all I can hear is my own great Nano selections. What’s more I don’t even have to crank it up. The fidelity in both high and low range is exceptional. All I can say is if you really care about maximizing sound, do not hesitate to choose this high-end model. I am no audio engineer just a guy who has been a musician for 30 years. These folks really know what they are doing. Watch out Bose, you have met your match!! BOQARI Q1 .. way to go … BEST IN CLASS
– H. Sessa”

“Comfortable fit and excellent noise filter. Used for both Kindle and on the plane.
– Joan S.”

“Just as promised in the product description, the Q1 dazzles the ear with its sound quality, while having the look of a finely crafted product and the feel of luxury.
– Louise Weissman”

“I have nothing but the highest praise for the Boqari Q1 Earbuds! The sound quality far surpasses anything that I have used in the past. All types of music sound crisp and clear. They are very comfortable and I feel as if I am not even wearing earbuds. In addition to the attractive color detail they come with a great travel case. The inline microphone is a great added touch. If you are looking for a top of the line product look no more.
– Gagne”

“I recently bought a new ipod for my daily commute. I ride a noisy train to work so good heaphones are a must, and as we know, the ones supplied with the ipod just dont cut it. Took a chance on these and they work great. I am very happy and will be looking for more products from this company in the future.
– EJ2112″

“I own several pairs of ear buds and am really happy with my recent Boqari Q1 acquisition. The sound is great and I love the look and the carrying case. So far, I have used them with my iPhone and my Shuffle. I was pretty impressed and have not heard either sound so crisp. My favorite part of the Q1 is how they feel in your ears. The design and the optional tips allows them to be custom molded to the shape of your ear. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a little more performance out of your audio device.
– Machiavelli”
You can also check out BOQARI Q1’s other flavor and gallery here. We’ve also wanted to tell, that you can send in your items for review to us and let the world see it, by the way we see it. You can tell us how you feel about this review, yes, at the comment line below.

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