Best PlayStation Move accessories

If your imagination can’t serve you well while you’re playing Sony‘s interactive PlayStation Move, we think you don’t need to imagine as we speak, cause there’s Nyko, Mad Catz, Interworks, CTA Digital and PDP pushing their plastic peripheral accessories to mount your move controllers. And, yes, there’s plenty of them after the break, even the unwanted ones.

From chargers to several attachments, check them all out:
MOVE Champions Pack

Price: $29.99

Price: $24.99

Price: $19.96
PS3 Move Battle Rifle

Price: $29.99

Charge Station Quad Port Charging Dock & Battery Pack Set for PS3 Move

Price: $29.99
Ultimate Boxing Gloves for Playstation Move

Price: $19.99
3DShot for PS3 Move - Blue

Price: $19.99
MOVE Precision Shot 3

Price: $24.99
PS3 Move Perfect Aim Pistol

Price: $14.99

Playstation Move - Dual Shot

Price: $29.99
PS3 Move Special Ops Shooter Gun

Price: $24.99

Oh, now do you have the idea how many accessories are there for the PS3 Move? Let us know if we haven’t included your accessories, anyways we would like to share you something that we know will keep you fond of the PS3 Move, the what if accessories.

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