Shure SE535 review, still half grand audio fidelity

Shure SE535 review, still half grand audio fidelity
Its been a while, really a long time, since Shure drops successor their half grand E500 / SE530. Basically, with its price and convincingly stellar quality –there’s no reason to rush replacement. However, the long wait is over, with still half grand in-ear madness Shure SE535. Oh, if the Juno Reactor sounds would tempt you to dive into $500 bucks of sound perfection maybe you’ll be interested on hitting the continue link for review.

$500 headphones aren’t for everyone — and admittedly, you need to be something of an audiophile to have even made it this far into the review, much less consider ever owning a product like the SE535. That said, it’s not hype and these aren’t expensive just for the sake of being expensive: you will, against all odds, get what you pay for with these things. If you already own the E500 or SE530, you can safely save yourself the cash this time around — you’re not getting any improvement in sound quality with the SE535, and the main improvements center around robustness of the cable, so you can just wait to upgrade until (heaven forbid) your current unit’s cable shreds. If you’re getting into the high-end monitor market for the first time, though, the SE535s need to be on your short list.
If you think Engadget’s wrap-up review have just started you wondering more, check out their full review. We’re a bit into kind of business, we want to hand this SE535 too, so someone send this thing on us, for our own review.

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