Nokia C7 Review, Not Just ‘First Look’

Nokia C7 Review, Not Just 'First Look'
Well if you’re looking for Symbian^3 goodness then possibly you heard about the well-leaked Nokia C7, that carries same blood as its sibling N8 –though fall much shorter in terms of specs but solid enough to lure you in, we kid. Mobile Review comes with a first-look review of C7 prototype, and so far its the best, clearest and most in-depth.

More or less the review told us, C7 is an exceptionally well-balanced device and definitely competitive considering the price, however, this is still something isn’t out-of-the-box to lure in some of non-Nokia loyalist –we say nice try.
Check out the whole of the review at Mobile Review but be warned this will took you a week to finish.

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