Jailbroken iPhone 4s features FaceTime Over 3G [Video]

Recently JailbreakMe Web-based jailbreak tool for iOS devices has been revealed and to utilize the jailbroken iPhone 4s, you can think of installing My3G from Intelliborn that will enable you to use FaceTime video calling over 3G connections. How it works? The hack goes with your iPhone thinking it is on Wi-Fi instead of 3G allowing you to access some limited features that’s originally restricted if you’re using Wifi connections. Check out the video after the break.

Unfortunately, My3G is normally available at Rock Your iPhone for $3.99 but because there are lots of iPhone-lover who wants to forget about the death-grip issue, the site is down due to high traffic spike. Check out 9 to Mac video on how FaceTime work over 3G.

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