Finding the Right Web Hosting Plan

Finding the Right Web Hosting Plan
The first step to having a website is having a web host, and since you probably don’t own your own web server, that will mean purchasing some web hosting plans. An introduction to web hosting, includes three basic options determined by price. You get what you pay for when it comes to web hosting, but for many people, a cheap web hosting package is all you need.

The Three Types of Web Hosting Plan – Shared Hosting

This is also the cheapest web hosting service available, and it’s a plan you can get for a few dollars a month. It’s called shared hosting because your website is hosted on a server that also hosts other websites unrelated to yours. You’ll have the same IP address and control panel for technical adjustments, but that’s it. It doesn’t mean anyone else has access to the administrative end of your website.

The Three Types of Web Hosting Plan – Dedicated Server
At the other end of the spectrum is a dedicated server. In this case, you have complete access to your server all to yourself. This means massive bandwidth and disk space, and even room to create dummy sites to test your web ideas. A dedicated server is quite a monthly expense and unless you have a large website with lots of traffic and hundreds of pages, you probably don’t need it.

The Three Types of Web Hosting Plan – Virtual Private Server (VPS)
The Virtual Private Server combines the cost of a cheap shared service with many of the benefits of the dedicated server. With this type of plan, part of the server is partitioned for your use alone, so that it behaves as if it were its own server. This means your own IP address, operating system and control panel, and more bandwidth and memory than with a shared server. This is perfect for your growing business or Internet enterprise that has outgrown a shared server but doesn’t quite yet have the budget or the need for a complete dedicated server. You can check out Linux VPS or Windows virtual private servers.

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