Eton Soulra iPod/iPhone Solar Powered Sound System Review

 Eton Soulra iPod/iPhone Solar Powered Sound System Review
Well this could be the most intriguing iPod/iPhone dock we’ve seen so far, doubling up the portability, durability and most the battery efficiency as an audio system. Eton’s Soulra features splash-proof rubberized aluminum body and sealed speakers with “protection from sand, water, and other outdoor elements”. One thing that sets this device from other iPhone/iPod dock on its range, is the “high-efficiency” flip-able solar panel that support the rechargeable lithium ion battery, this makes sense when you go outdoor on a hot summer day.

We hope here in techgeeze, that we can handle such device and go on with our own review, but for now you may check out CNET takes on this peculiar audio system.
Our best suggestion for Soulra is you optimized the built-in battery, make it fully charged before you take it outdoor, that’s 4-hours of battery life as it cradle the iPod/iPhone charging. However, when you flipped the solar panel it can support the battery consumptions and extend its life further.

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