30-million Wii sold mark the fastest console to reach that milestone in gaming history

Wii with Wii Sports Resort - BlackNintendo has just claimed another milestone specifically for its interactive gaming console the Nintendo Wii, the 30 million sold console in the U.S alone mark brightly in the history of gaming, making Wii as the fastest console to ever reach that high. Back in 2006 where Wii debuted, the console already hitting the 30M mark 15-months faster than the nearest competitors.

The sales hype as competition heats up with rival Microsoft and Sony introduced their own gaming system –the Move and Kinect, all timed for the holiday season. As the yardstick in that interactive gaming, the company feels honored as both competition moved in the same field of systems with Kinect and Move. We just want Nintendo takes this challenge and make Wii even more interesting and unique.

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