"XB830PA – HP Slate 500-1002tu PC" Listings Confirm Palm OS-less HP Slate

HP Slate 500
We know how we anticipate the next iPad’s great competition, ooh, yeah, now this was a breaking confirmation apparently by HP itself on its own site, revealing Palm-OS-less HP Slate. Today, the slate running Windows 7 Premium boasting 8.9-inch touch screen, a 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, and that it has two cameras – video and still, were confirmed. Along with new leaks that it is Energy Star certified. But the greatest questions that needs verification is whether it’s capacitive touch, what the graphics card is, and how it scores on battery life.

XB830PA - HP Slate 500-1002tu PC Listings
 HP Slate Listing
We welcome most of your thoughts, just below at the comment line. We want to know what you think of HP Slate compared to iPad (though it’s been long time). Note, this article is best viewed on iPad, we kid. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

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