Why you should say NO to Safari 5 Ad-block?

Why you should say NO to Safari 5 Ad-block
Here at TechGeeze with try to see things in a proper judgment, like the craft behind Safari 5 Ad-blocker, iAds and the devastating effects of ad-blocking mechanism on ad-driven websites. We try to think Apple is great in terms of their products such iPhone, iPod and iPad but if this selfish idea will be true then we may up the ante to object and say no to Safari 5.

Why Safari 5, the ad-block features of this new browser will utilize the Apple‘s new mobile advertising platform iAds –meaning this could end up Safari clearing all ads on a website and leaving only those unblockable iAds. More advertisement more sales, more sales more revenue. So what’s the catch, this will lead publishers in a hole of bankruptcy while Apple blooms for their App Store sales.
If you think you have something to say about this issue and if you can correct me then the comment form is open. Anyways, find the whole story at Why Ad Blocking is devastating to every sites; say no to Safari 5.

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