Sennheiser Adidas iPhone Sporty Headphones with Moisture Protection

Sennheiser Adidas MX 680i Sports Headphones with RemoteGym buddies, well if you’re looking a kinda sporty iPhone headphones with dedicated in-line microphone enabling users to utilize iPhone voice control, allowing you to simply speak a telephone number to be called or song to be played. The in-line remote also lets you control playback and answer or reject calls. Sennheiser/ADIDAS 680i range of in-ear active sports headphones is sure to match your fit and fab routines.

The 680i range has four different variations which includes the ear canal CX 680i, the earbud MX 680i, the ear-clip OMX 680i and the neckband PMX 680i –all coming with “Sennheiser’s moisture protection system that allow you to rinse the headphones under a tap after you’ve sweated all over them. The fibre-reinforced cables are also designed to handle all types of weather conditions.”
Check out their listings below:

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