Motorola Droid X Review

Motorola Droid X Review
It should be hailed as one of the toughest competitor for HTC EVO and iPhone 4 –the Motorola Droid X. Not to mention the game changing phase it will give to its carrier Verizon on the smartphone arena, who’s has been plague by Windows Phone and Blackberry‘s stagnation. It was the company’s first ever Android device, following the Droid statement in its previous version, Droid X is sure to tank Verizon “something”  that we can barely forgot those battery-sucking (EVO) and Death-Grip (iPhone 4) issues. Now do you think, isn’t it worthwhile to check the Droid X review after the break?

Here is something to get you going with Engadget’s full review.


You can head on the source to check out their full analysis of Verizon’s Android flagship smartphone.

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