Life In 3D: The Top 3 3D TV Picks For 2010

Life In 3D: The Top 3 3D TV Picks For 2010
During the past 3 years, 3DTV’s have been making their tentative market debut. In January Discovery and ESPN announced that they intend to launch the first US based 3D channels in 2011. In response, consumers of high-end entertainment systems are considering making the switch to 3DTV before the release of the 3D channel service. Before making such a significant investment in a new entertainment concept, it is important to watch product reviews. Based upon overall customer satisfaction ratings, here are the most sought-after 3DTV’s this year:

1. Panasonic’s 54-inch TC-P54VT25 Plasma Screen 3DTV

Amazon Price: $3,100.00
A top mid-range 3DTV, the Panasonic TC-P54VT25 gets top ratings for a reasonable price. It boasts 1080p. Multiple perspectives are delivered nearly flawlessly. Panasonic has been partnered with Pioneer to create a better viewing experience. A new filter has been added to the new models to reduce internal reflections.
Further, the Panasonic 3DTV’s easily converts back to a high-quality HD TV. There aren’t very many movies or shows specifically designed to take advantage of the 3D effect, so it might be wise to invest in a TV that can easily handle either format.
Amazon Price: $2,283.00
Although some customers experienced light edge leakage, this 1080p TV generally gives a good performance for the cost. The while the 3D picture quality is ‘ok’, the biggest concern is “light bleed” occurring around the edges of the screen. For those who want to recreate a movie theater-style experience, this television might not quite make the cut. If you want to watch animated shows or sports programs in 3D during the day, this would be the ideal candidate. (Daytime viewing and bright colors help to mitigate the “bleeding” effect.)
Amazon Price: $3,599.99
Ranked as the one of the top 3DTV to date, reviewers love new Sony LCD effect screen. Motionflow Pro 240 Hz motion technology ensures that the movements on the screen are fluid and well defined. An online entertainment package is available that allows the user to view any online content easily on their TV screen. Changing from 2D to 3D and back is as easy as pushing a button on your remote control.
Much like the early days of HD TV, 3DTV’s and other 3D technology devices are still outside the price range of the average consumer. The introduction of 3D TV stations will likely drive costs down in the future, making this new technology more accessible for everyone.

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