The First Shock/Water-proof Power Strip [Video]

The First Shock/Water-proof Power Strip
Feels like watching a circus on the above demonstration of the first water-proof and shock-proof power strip. I really don’t know how’s the design work but the act of the twissors put on the socket was stunningly shocking I’m just waiting for the presenter to shiver and collapse. Anyways, that don’t happen, but the dubbing is really bad I felt the presenter has been electrically shocked many times for testing this product. We need iFixit to dismantle this power strip now to reveal its secret. We stored the crazy demo after the break.

In addition to bad dubbing, the Wet Circuits power strip’s water resistance and touch protection, the device offers overheat and spark prevention as standard safety features. This device is priced $35 and available for international shipping on the manufacturer’s website.

Be warned that you should try those act at home, even you bought this or on your regular power socket. It is not safe to play with electricity as always.

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