Antenna-aid Bandage Cure Your iPhone 4 Reception Issue

Eminem's Antenna-aid Bandage Cure Your iPhone 4 Reception Issue

Dear Steve, we want you to know that we’re starting to accept the reality that you and rest of the Apple team can’t resolve the ‘death grip‘ issue via any software updates and your suggestion of a free case cemented all the doubts. Though, you got a free case for us, we find out the your suggestion to Eminem that he could “come out with a band-aid that goes over the corner” of your popular iPhone 4, oh, well has gone into reality, and apparently quite cool, enough that we wanted a five bucks refund for a 6-pack Antenna-aid.

We really don’t know if the ‘death-grip’ issue of the iPhone 4 really turn off consumers, in a long run as we realized, looking its becoming part of a marketing talks for the new smartphone. Anyways, that’s Apple product we should be used to this strategy.

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