Amazon’s Latest Graphite Kindle DX Now Shipping

Amazon's Latest Graphite Kindle DX Now Shipping

If you’re inching for a new Pearl display-equipped graphite Kindle DX that Amazon promised to be shipping today, yeah it’s on green light now. However, unlike the previous Kindle debuts of Amazon, where they’re shortage of supplies this seems a bit slow with listing still on stocks.

As of the moment we can’t predict if the iPad, or the other e-reader manufacture price-cuts have lessen the demand or if Amazon have stored lots of stock for their demand prediction.
Now we see $379 price for this new Kindle DX however the demand is much positive for $189 priced Kindle, ooh, the price matters really.
And besides this story, there’s one thing we really want to know, Kindle users and book readers, did you finished a book faster on e-reader than reading a normal book? Common we want to hear from you on the comment line.

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