3D YouTube and Blu-ray Are Going on PlayStation 3

Have you ever thought that everything will go on 3D someday? Now it seems 3D have been massively introduced on the market and likewise the demand/supply reaction here is positive, positive enough to bring 3D gaming for PlayStation 3, not to mention the added updates supporting 3D-YouTube and 3D-Bluray support. This will eventually goes further viewing 3D-photos taken by 3D-digital cameras, oh did I over mention 3D?

However, looking wisely on business perspective this is really a very smart move by Sony, knowing that market researchers believe plenty of 3D TVs will show up in consumers’ living rooms over the next few years, so getting ahead isn’t a bad option. Though they’ve already release few titles of 3D games for PS3 it has been still slow getting out of the shelves on the market.
Sony‘s move to 3D-market via PS3 doesn’t needs an overhauled-PS3 because the device already has all the hardware it needs to handle 3D games and videos thanks to its compatibility with the HDMI 1.4 connection.
Right now Xbox doesn’t seems to show its interest for 3D-gaming on their platform but this was opposite with Nintendo who have just unveiled its first entry on 3D-gaming with the hand-held 3D-glass-free Nintendo 3DS –future 3D Wii without glass is I believe on-the-make, just include it.

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