T-Mobile UK confirms iPhone 4 offerings, why not on T-Mobile US?

We already know that in US, iPhone is totally locked and no way to be find on other carriers but AT&T, unlike in UK which O2, Vodafone and Orange including T-Mobile now jumps in the bandwagon of carriers that will offer Apple iPhone 4.

T-Mobile UK is the fourth carrier to announce they will be offering the new iPhone. But until now there are no confirmations from the company if they will be releasing the device on June 24th like the other carriers.

Right now there is also missing details on the pricing along with the offering plans for each UK carriers, but we expect either close deals.
Now we’re hearing some violent reactions to such why T-Mobile UK was able to get the iPhone, and not T-Mobile US especially with the thing that it’s iPhone 4? Anyways, I want to here from the comment form.

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