Solar Camera Strap Concept

Solar Camera Strap Concept
It’s a bit frustrating when your camera’s battery goes out in the middle of an outdoor trip. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because if this Weng Jie’s solar camera strap concept goes on retail, you’ll have the power at the comfort of your neck, just be sure you’re under the sun.

This solar camera strap concept will enable photographers to take some extra shots while replacing a much bulkier external power packs. The design basically replaces the normal DSLR strap, photographer wears to hang or keep their camera in reach for any opportunity shot. The Solar strap will also have a DC plug to gradually top-up the DSLR’s battery during use.
One more thing about the design that we really likes is Jie’s idea of integrated batteries at each end of the strap, so you could feasibly charge up before you left the house (from a regular AC supply) and then simply augment it with solar power.
The solar strap seems really cool, how can’t we imagine it will be flying out of shelves when the retail version spring up. So Sony, Canon, Nikon and Pentax let us hear your interests?

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