Monster To Release LeBron Custom Headphone Line

Monster To Release LeBron Custom Headphone Line
The high-end headphone maker Monster Cables has just announced that Cleveland Cavaliers basketball superstar LeBron James will be the next celebrity to engrave its name on its classy headphones. If you can remember LeBron have already appeared on Beats by Dr. Dre model commercial. The custom headphones for LeBron will join Lady Gaga and P. Diddy branded sets of Monster headphones.

Right now the details for LeBron’s headphones is still in secrecy. But to give you some idea if it’s the Beats model, sure it is a set of active headphones that amplified the bass tones for a distinctive, thumping profile.

Monster Cable Products Inc. CEO Noel Lee tells The Associated Press the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is set to launch his own headphones line.
Lee says “sound quality really matters when you enjoy music.” He says athletes such as James need that kind of high-quality sound experience because “it’s their way of focusing energy” before games.

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