History of Internet Prank RickRolling [Video]

History of Internet Prank RickRolling

I just saw this thing morning when someone sends me a link, yes —I was rickroll’d. To give you what really behinds this posts, the really interesting history of RickRolling, the time when the internet we’re just starting to know YouTube and Rick Astley. It was an internet prank that will let users believe that the link was linking to known popular or interesting link, but for they don’t know it was just a rick’s video, “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Hit on the continue link to be rickrolled.

The History of RickRolling
Anyways, for your perusal here’s the original video suggested in the history, it was pulled out then brought back, as we speak it has almost 35.2 million views.

Source: YouTube

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