A Few Amazon Gadgets That Will Rock Your World

A Few Amazon Gadgets That Will Rock Your World
When we think of the word “gadget” we usually think of the eponymous cartoon show, which in turn brings to mind spies and cool yet useless gizmos. But Amazon.com offers a dizzying array of these knick-knacks that really can serve the function of improving your life. Or at the very least, they will make it easier. Here are some top sellers:

So maybe you travel often. And you want to be able to monitor your home (or kids, or pets, whatever the case may be). This is the perfect, least expensive tool for doing so. It will give you a James Bond edge, too.
This one’s a personal favorite. If you’ve ever run into the problem of friends and/or family trying to control your television, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. With this mini-gadget, you’ll never have to give up control again. Or at least control of your set. This wonder gadget can’t do much with the rest of your life. Not yet anyway.
Even though you’re active, it doesn’t mean you don’t need the conveniences that lazy people tend to gravitate toward. This is perfect for the spritely you. You can go for run, monitor your physical stamina, and know exactly where you’re going. All at the same time.
Ever tried bringing out your inner Van Gogh through the computer program Paint? Notice how it’s virtually impossible to create a digital work of art with your mouse? Well here’s the answer to this conundrum. The battery-operated pen is incredibly sensitive, as is the tablet, which is textured to simulate real paper. What’s more, you can apply settings that will give the pen different brush strokes. Now you can draw, paint, and hand-write your heart out.
Out of all these gadgets, this one’s perhaps the most useful. It may even save your life. It’s got what’s called Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E). This enables weather monitoring of your specific locale. It also has a 10-alert memory, so you can edit, add, or delete unwanted weather alerts. Now you can feel safe wherever you go.
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