Electric car record breaking 623 miles on single charge

Electric car record breaking 623 miles on single charge
A record-breaking 623 miles (1,003.184 kilometers) has been recently recorded surpassing record for an electric car drove on a single charge. How the Japan Electric Vehicle Club did it, hit on the break for more details.

The customized Daihatsu Mira powered by 8,320 Sanyo lithium ion system batteries made the record last month. The record was set with 17 drivers took the steering wheel while running the 25mph e-car for 27.5 hours at a track in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The Japan Electric Vehicle Club has asked Guinness World Records to certify the event, apart from the previous recognition when the club’s 345-mile journey from Tokyo to Osaka in November 2009 as the longest on a single charge.
What I really like with this kind of event is the awareness it brings about the environment, the green campaign besides from the record. Accordingly, I don’t know how the 8,320 batteries fits the small car and what kind of batteries used, is that AA or AAA?

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