Cheapest Netbook Priced at $37

Cheapest Notebook Priced at $37
We don’t know what else the word “cheap” means when relating to gadgets, then here come an eBay listing that could multiply your normal ASUS netbooks to the tenth power. Well, we’re talking about a 7-inch netbook with Wi-Fi running Windows CE priced for only $37.

It includes 300MHz ARM processor with 128KB RAM and 2GB storage, 7-inch screen displaying at 800 x 480 resolution, an ethernet port, two USB ports, an SD slot, Wi-Fi and a 9-volt AC adapter all for a very low price, literally. Of course, this could be salvage or factory seconds items but it could be a promising laptop for some case. Ahh, maybe Linux can make this thing a goody rather than CE.
Anyways, for $37 this thing is a bargain of bargain, common gift it a swipe and tell us how do you feel after.

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