Samsung Barbie X170 Notebook Announced

If you think you’re an early age fashionista sure you have Barbie dolls on your room (as imagined it to be you) –styling and dressing it to do some of your owned fashion sense. This was Samsung dirty tricks to lure those Barbie loving teenagers out there by unveiling Barbie inspired X170 notebook.

It’s brightly colored pink accentuated by Barbie’s black silhouette on the front lid. But don’t look too much that it’s made for little girls, Samsung X170 runs Core 2 Duo CPU with 4GB of RAM and whooping 500GB HDD. Seemingly the specs is too much for kiddie playing and browsing, but overall for Barbie-enthusiast that collects every single Barbie printed paraphernalia, we think this was a cool stuff.

Right now Samsung leaves Barbie activist with blank details of pricing and availability. We’re more positive if Samsung print this idea on a netbooks that would kindly appeal for kiddie young age computers. Right Sammy?

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