Mozilla Firefox 4 plans revealed

Mozilla Firefox 4 plans revealed
We already know that Mozilla was prepping a more advance browser called Firefox 4. Earlier mockups has already plagued the tech community. This time what we got is a sure plans which is mainly revealed by Mozilla’s Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner. Hit the continue link for the presentation and video link.

Here are some of the notable things about the Firefox 4.

  • HTML5 compliant
  • multitouch support
  • background updates
  • geolocation
  • Firefox Sync/Mozilla Weave
  • streamlined UI
  • Firefox 4 beta dated for June release
  • 4Q 2010 release
According to Beltzner, the primary goals for Firefox 4 will be making a browser:

  • Fast: making Firefox super-duper fast
  • Powerful: enabling new open, standard Web technologies (HTML5 and beyond!),
  • Empowering: putting users in full control of their browser, data, and Web experience.
Though the presentation is tagged with “PLANS MIGHT CHANGE” knowing the outlined direction for Firefox 4 we’ll be happy to be surprise. If you think the presentation isn’t enough to satisfy your burning curiosity, then here is the video presentation.

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