Ultimate List of Peer-to-Peer Applications

Ultimate List of Peer-to-Peer Applications
I know you’re guilty? Yes, with P2P applications installed in your PC. I don’t if you know that based from study it ruins economy and industry, although it is not considered to be illegal unless you shared copyrighted materials. Anyways, I know right now it is impossible to stop unwanted piracy labeled “free” from digging the net with downloadable free copyrighted computer programs, multi-media (audio, video), documents, or e-books. Ultimately, peer-to-peer programs are massively installed on home and workstation at a decent percentage with reference to 2008 (18%) 1 out of 5 on workstation and (36%) 1 out of 3 on homes. 

Here are the ultimate list of peer-to-peer application that majorly taking over the upstream of internet digital media distribution.
• 2 Find MP3 (2 Find MP3.exe)
• Ares (Ares.exe)
• AudioGnome (client4.exe)
• Audioswap (FileNavigator.exe)
• Azureus (Azureus.exe)
• BadBlue (BadBlue.exe)
• BearShare (BearShare.exe)
• BitComet (BitComet.exe)
• BitLord (bitlord.exe)
• BitSpirit (BitSpirit.exe)
• Bittorrent (bittorrent.exe)
• BitTorrent Pro (bittorrent pro.exe)
• BitTornado (btdownloadgui.exe)
• BT++ (BT++.exe)
• Blubster (Blubster.exe)
• Clustone (Clustone.exe)
• eDonkey 2000 (eDonkey.exe)
• EMule (EMule.exe)
• Filetopia (Filetopia.exe)
• FlashGet (Flashget.exe)
• Foxy (Foxy.exe)
• Freenet (FreeNet.exe)
• FrostWire (FrostWire.exe)
• Gnucleus (Gnucleus.exe or Evolver.exe)
• Gnutella (gnutella.exe)
• Grokster (Grokster.exe)
• iMesh (iMeshClient.exe)
• INoize (Inoize.exe)
• KaZaa Media Desktop (Kazaa.exe)
• KDX (KDXClient.exe)
• LimeWire (Limewire.exe)
• Manolito (Manolito.exe)
• Morpheus (morpheus.jar)
• MP3Rocket (MP3Rocket.exe)
• MP3-Wolf (MP3Wolf.exe)
• Napigator (napigator.exe)
• Network Sunshine (SunshineUN.exe)
• Nodescan (NodeScanClient_1.0b14.jar)
• Overnet (overnet.exe)
• Phex (Phex.exe)
• Piolet (Piolet.exe)
• Qtraxmax (qt2.exe)
• Shareaza (Shareaza.exe)
• Soulseek (sisk.exe or soulseek.exe)
• Teknap (TekNap.exe)
• The Circle (Circle.exe)
• Thunder (Thunder.exe)
• Toadnode (Toadnode.exe)
• Utorrent (utorrent.exe)
• WebThunder (WebThunder.exe)
• WinMX (WinMX.exe)
• Winny (winny.exe)
• Wippit (Wippit.exe)
• Xolox (xolox.exe)
After that let me hear from you what your stand about the digital distribution and file sharing? Did you see one of your peer-to-peer applications in the list? If not then you can lists it on the comment form.

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