Latest MacBook Pro too hot to handle literally

High quality and durable devices is simply what you can get when its tagged by known moniker “Mac“, then I must say it’s true. Unfortunately some of those devices is known for design issues. This was the case for new 17-inch MacBook Pro that uses the latest Intel Core-i7-620M besides the incredible performance brought by the high-rated CPU is the undesirable emitted heat on the laptop chassis experienced by its users.

So how hot the new MBP could be? Well, its too hot to handle, supported by reports “the whole laptop gets uncomfortably warm to the touch — with one source reporting it is “almost too hot” to touch.” So definitely there’s MacBook Pro’s cooling design glitch that when the Core-i7 CPU is bring up to maximum tasks and emitted the heat (up to 105 degrees Celsius – Intel’s Spec) the chassis takes up to 39 degrees Celcius,  that’s 3 degrees up the normal body temperature.

MacDailyNews Take: To recap: The MacBook Pro’s Core i7 processer never exceeds Intel’s thermal spec limit. The MacBook Pro’s case gets warm under maximum and abnormal processor stress, up to 3.6° F above normal human body temperature, or 98.6° F. OMG, alert the media!
I hope Apple will do something about this, for some reasons that I don’t want to see a MacBook Pro grill, coffee maker, oven and stove in the future. Well, seriously MacBook isn’t the cheap, so better we get our money’s worth.

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