iPad docks into car console gains appeal horsepower [video]

iPad docks into car console gains appeal horsepower

When Steve Jobs told us the iPad is a “game-changer”, we can say that he has some points –how? Hooking an iPad on a Toyota Tacoma seems innovative since it appears to be the first –to have done docking the device at the car’s console, adding the iPad seems to fire up the cars appeal horsepower. Hit the continue link for the demo video.

Once You Know, You NeweggThe guys at SoundMan Car Audio in California have done the customization by fitting and molding the device to the console while wiring up an Audison Bit One sound processor and McIntosh MMC406M 6-channel amp that are intended to receive the iPad’s audio mechanism.

Even though the car and iPad docking would be a little bit awkward to fit in current, but obviously seeing the iPad docks-in on the latest sports cars unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, then that was exactly –gorgeous. 

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