Adobe Flash support officially coming to Android 2.2 "Froyo"

Adobe Flash support officially coming to Android 2.2

It’s been ten months since we first saw Adobe demoed Flash on Android and we’ve been waiting for it too long, that often our crops get dried and dishes getting spoiled. However, if Adobe and Google will have a svelter build for the Flash support, we know it is worth waiting for.

While it’s official that Android will support flash presumably we know it will be coming on its next iteration –Android 2.2. NYT’s interview with Chief Android Architect Andy Rubin made it official: “Android 2.2, otherwise known as the “Froyo” build will have Flash support built in predecessor of Android 2.1 Eclair. And don’t be too excited that we just have few months to wait as it expected to come midway this year.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet if old Android versions will be upgradable to have flash support or if old devices will optimize flash.
I have a feeling that if the Adobe Flash support will make it through Android devices then I might say that the rumored Google tablet claimed to be running Android OS will be coming true. This will majorly comprehend Apple’s iPad limitations and most likely lure consumers on browsing without limitations.

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